HaystackID Staff Attend Legal Tech New York 2018

HaystackID Leadership Team @ Legal Tech New York 2018

Haystack staff attend the annual Legal Tech NY Legal Week conference at the Hilton Hotel. This year the focus so far appears to be on the important role Artificial Intelligence is playing in changing how legal services are provided.  Robot Lawyers are being deployed by some law firms in an effort to streamline the efficiency of legal services provided to their end clients. The fallout from recent Cyber Security concerns surrounding Meltdown and Spectre also has garnered much attention. Haystack’s CISO Lee Neubecker welcomes clients to reach out to him while Attending the show.

Alex Gessen Identified Integrity Issue Involving Forensic Imaging

HAYSTACKID’s National Director of Forensics, Alex Gessen, recently identified a significant inconsistency with how popular Forensic Imaging tools capture forensic images.  The problem largely relates to the fact that many USB storage devices have more that one embedded serial number.  Certain tools such as FTK Imager and command line tools accessed from DOS or PowerShell report the first of two potentially different serial numbers.  Guidance Software’s Encase detects and reports a second serial number.  The serial number is captured during the forensic imaging process by the tools and is embedded into the Expert Witness format forensic image files, often called “eo1” files.  Depending on which tool was used to capture the forensic image, the serial number embedded into the forensic image may vary.  This could lead to significant problems and erroneous conclusions by forensic experts reporting to courts on allegations of trade secret theft by recently departed employees.

The problem as Gessen describes both in a recent interview and on his personal blog creates the potential for forensic experts to erroneously report a false conclusion that a drive containing stolen client lists and trade secrets was not connected to a departed employee’s home computer or her new work computer.  If the serial number reported by FTK Imager is the first of two uniquely different serial numbers, but the forensic examiner searches for that serial number on the suspect computer now used by the former employee, that serial number will not be found anywhere in the registry of a windows based system.  The alternate serial number reported by Guidance Software’s Encase when making the initial forensic image with that tool can be found in the registry if the external USB device had been connected to the former employee’s new computer.  Accordingly, it is very important for the forensic expert to understand how the forensic image was originally acquired to avoid making a faulty conclusion based on not finding the serial number reported by FTK Imager during the forensic imaging process, anywhere on the registry of a separate computer being examined for the purpose of determining if the suspect storage device had been connected to the former employee’s new computer.

This is a significant finding that has generated much discussion in the forensic community and might warrant having our experts review any of your current or past cases involving misappropriation of trade secrets by departing employees.

For more technical details on this issue, check out Gessen’s blog at:


Or watch his interview:

Lee Neubecker Video Announcing His Arrival as CISO

Press Release announcing Lee Neubecker founder of Forensicon joining HaystackID LLC as new CISO


Watch Lee Share the News In Person by clicking play below.


HAYSTACKID LLC Adds Lee Neubecker to Executive Team as CISO

HAYSTACKID LLC Hires Lee Neubecker as Chief Information Security Officer

Lee Neubecker, CISSP, MBA

Amid extreme growth and operational diversification, Haystack has brought Mr. Neubecker aboard to lead its security efforts and bolster its computer forensics team.

Chicago, Illinois (January 16, 2018) HAYSTACKID LLC, http://www.haystackid.com an international end-to-end litigation support, forensics and managed services provider, today announced that Lee Neubecker will join its C-Suite as Chief Information Security Officer. Mr. Neubecker, a Certified Information Systems Security Professional and Master of Business Administration, boasts an eclectic range of technical acumen and experience.

From 2000 to 2016, Neubecker founded and served as President & Chief Executive Officer of Forensicon, Inc., headquartered in Chicago. During that time, Mr. Neubecker established himself as a trustworthy Computer Forensics expert witness & investigator in the public and private sectors.  Neubecker led a team of Computer Forensics experts and helped establish his firm as the premier Computer Forensics firm in the Midwest handling complex investigative and litigation matters including white collar crime, trade secret misappropriation, data breach incident response and various employment litigation matters. In addition to providing eDiscovery, forensics, litigation support and data recovery consultation to a wide variety of entities, Neubecker served as an expert witness and renowned digital sleuth.

“Lee’s exceptional understanding of computer forensics, systems and management has made him one of the premier leaders in this industry,” said Haystack President & CEO Kevin D. Glass. “As a forensics-first company, we are elated to have him in our C-Suite, especially as we begin to scale much higher than ever before. Lee will have an immediate and immense impact on this company, making Haystack an even more competitive and trustworthy force in this market. Welcome to the team, Lee!”

Mr. Neubecker is also a prolific author and presenter, offering his expert insights through countless articles, television appearances and speaking functions. Neubecker is the author of a cyber security blog https://leeneubecker.com that details current cyber security threats.  His encyclopedic list of memberships, certifications and skill sets signify a professional that has committed to excellence at every stage of his career. From being a U.S. Secret Service Electronic Crimes Task Force Member to acting as the President of the High Tech Crime Investigation Association’s Midwest Chapter, Mr. Neubecker’s accolades speak for themselves.  Neubecker’s complete expert witness Curriculum Vitae is available at https://www.haystackid.com/our-people/our-experts/lee-neubecker/

“I have known many technological gurus throughout my career, but I cannot say I have met someone like Lee before,” noted Haystack Chief Technology Officer Jefferey T. Stevens. “He combines extreme expertise in all things digital with a natural, profound eye for opportunities to improve business process and management to pack a powerful punch as an executive in this market. Lee has exhibited his mastery of forensics and beyond, and that is why we are so excited to have him lead as our CISO.”

Security has never been more important to organizations than it is today, as data breaches continue to ravage the private and public sectors. As a proven and prominent leader in the digital forensics and computer security arenas, Mr. Neubecker is a potent addition to Haystack’s burgeoning business structure.

The Haystack team welcomes Mr. Neubecker to the team.


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News Release http://www.prweb.com/releases/2018/01/prweb15089014.htm

If you need to reach Lee, try his cell phone at 773 two zero nine 4700.