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Computer Forensics in Intellectual Property Litigation

Computer Forensics in IP Litigation: An Interview with Joseph Marconi

Our CISO Lee Neubecker recently spoke to Johnson & Bell attorney Joseph Marconi about the role that computer forensics plays in intellectual property and trade secret litigation. A transcript of this interview can be found below. [Transcript] Lee Neubecker: Today I’m here with Joseph Marconi from Johnson & Bell who’s […]

Paul McGrady Discuss GDPR Impact on Internet Copyright Litigation

CISO Lee Neubecker recently spoke to Winston & Strawn LLP trademark attorney Paul McGrady about the impacts of GDPR on online copyright and trademark litigation. The transcript of this interview is available below. [Transcript] Lee Neubecker: I’m here today with Winston & Strawn LLP trademark attorney Paul McGrady, and Paul […]

Haystack CISO Lee Neubecker Uncovers Major Cyber Security Vulnerability

Lee Neubecker, MBA, CISSP, has been a force in the computer forensics and cyber security arenas for decades now, gaining the type of notoriety that leads federal officials to look to him for guidance in high-risk situations. In his latest bit of research, HAYSTACKID LLC’s acting Chief Information Security Officer […]

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Lee Neubecker’s Insurance Tech Chat with David Bryant

Lee Neubecker: I’m here today with David Bryant of the Bryant Legal Group and we’re going to talk a little bit about health insurance claims and his work helping people get the coverage they deserve. David Bryant: Nice to be here Lee, thanks for taking the time to stop by. […]

Computer Forensics Metadata Analysis of Patient Electronic Medical Records

HaystackID’s CISO Lee Neubecker interviews Personal Injury Attorney James Meyer on Patient Electronic Medical Records Discovery Electronic Medical Records (EMR) Metadata Computer Forensics Analysis   In this video, personal injury attorney James Meyer shares some of the important aspects of using computer forensics to reveal important patient electronic medical record […]