Charitable Giving

HAYSTACKID LLC has committed to philanthropy since its inception, and even before through its founding members’ community service activities. This includes work with Autism Speaks and the Doug Flutie, Jr. Foundation for Autism, as well as other ongoing philanthropic deeds.

For example, Jason Glass, Haystack’s Vice President and founding member of the company, sits on the board of the Marblehead Special Education Advisory Council and is its acting Treasurer and technology advisor.

In addition to contributing to the Flutie Foundation’s Golf Tournament on several occasions, Haystack has also been a title sponsor of the North Shore Unsung Heroes event that recognizes exceptional individuals in the Marblehead, Massachusetts, community, including coaches, lunch monitors, teachers, and others.

As exemplified by the support-oriented philanthropy the company conducts, Haystack works to leverage its own employee’s skills, connecting them to needs within local communities.

Haystack launched a wide-reaching incentive program for project managers and other operations staff that has been highly successful in boosting engagement, retention, and performance. Our company’s charitable giving initiatives are focused on substance and tangible outcomes, and each department has at least one program.

Haystack will continue to work closely with the Autism community, doing everything to support the incredible philanthropic initiatives taking place around us. As an organization, Haystack remains committed to hiring and retaining staff members who share the sense of social responsibility and exhibit those intangible traits through substantive, progressive deeds in their communities.