The Haystack Advantage

HAYSTACKID LLC has become the go-to litigation support and managed service provider for law firms and in-house legal departments because of its exceptional track record, unique trustworthiness, and unquestionable commitment to client success.

Our Vision

Corporations and law firms must proactively manage costs, risk, and general IT and data governance to survive the competitive landscapes and threat-laden, compliance-heavy frameworks in which they operate. In many instances, an outside service provider that brings impeccable professionalism, creativity, innovation, and technological acumen is critical to the success of legal entities and virtually all organizations.

Haystack is that service provider, offering a full range of end-to-end litigation support solutions and packing a powerful combination of IT, risk management, and legal expertise that assists clients in achieving their organizational goals. From eDiscovery and digital forensics to fully managed IT services and beyond, Haystack has never encountered a project too big or small, too complex or simple, to handle.

Haystack is among the only service providers in the marketplace today that remains entirely technology neutral, which allows it to leverage the latest, greatest, and most novel tools and solutions as they become available. Additionally, Haystack has a long and storied history of innovating with respect to workflows, technologies, and more, often creating new methods to remediate abnormal and newfangled project demands.

Global Footprint

Haystack is a global service provider with major operations across the continental United States, as well as in Canada, France, and Germany. Our network spans more than 50 geographic markets and only continues to grow as demand necessitates the launch of new offices and service areas.

Currently, Haystack’s biggest markets include Boston, Chicago, Houston, Los Angeles, New York City, and Washington, D.C., in the United States, as well Toronto, Canada; Paris, France; and Frankfurt, Germany. Our intense experience and expertise with respect to national and international trade agreements, regulatory compliance statutes, and best practices makes our practice a popular choice for global corporations and law firms.

Our People

Haystack is committed to hiring the most-talented, hardest-working professionals in the industry to provide clientele with the highest possible returns on investments, as well as unmatched responsiveness, support, and care. We operate in a high-performance, high-stress environment, and attract staff that thrive in these deadline-driven conditions.

Haystack constantly invests in professional development to stay ahead of the curve. The fruits of this commitment to building and maintaining the best team possible are clear when looking at the consistently exceptional project outcomes, innovative technological creations, and overall client success rates, for which Haystack has earned its place at the top of the litigation support industry.

As an end-to-end service provider, Haystack’s departments are highly integrated, including project management, forensics, IT support, eDiscovery analyst, managed review, and other teams. This ensures that all projects are handled by a highly interconnected and synchronized web of experts who work in concert toward achieving client goals.