Value Proposition

Formulating and executing a winning strategy that unifies corporate clientele, outside counsel, and eDiscovery technology experts for optimal efficiency and cost predictability.

HAYSTACKID LLC puts the client first when it comes to information discovery. We recognized early on that the archaic relationship between litigation support providers and law firms was not cutting it.

Haystack takes a completely different approach to the entire project management process in efforts to reach one goal – the enablement of intelligent decisions and impetus to see them through at the lowest cost.

Relationships between corporate clientele, outside counsel involved have fallen off the deep end. The above approach leaves too much room for error, inefficiencies and extraneous costs. We developed the following model to correct these issues:

Haystack streamlines the entire consultation and management process, ensuring clients have the guidance and tools necessary to complete projects on time and under budget. Corporations and law firms need a strategic partner to avoid the immense rises in eDiscovery processing and billable hour expenses. Haystack is that partner for all litigation support and managed service needs.