DATATHRESHER is HAYSTACKID LLC’s electronically stored information (“ESI”) reporting and culling interface which provides a flexible and cost-effective way to search and cull data on a wide variety of text and metadata properties, including a workflow where documents that have not been culled or have been flagged as important are quickly promoted to Relativity and imaged (if necessary).

This application is built off Relativity’s backbone and is developed by Haystack. The tool allows full search and cull capability prior to review at a fraction of the cost, allowing clients to compare forensic reports with actual documents, and test search terms on actual data prior to agreeing to search terms. Keyword terms will be reported and native files and images will then be added to only the records pertaining to the attorney review set in Relativity where linear review, or various forms of advanced analytics can be leveraged to drastically reduce the size of data for review.

Additionally, corporations will find the tool valuable as it allows them to re-use data for multiple matters without incurring a new ingestion charge – all while preserving work product from previous matters where the data may have been used, and a full audit log around that data to maintain collection defensibility.

DATATHRESHER ECA is firmly integrated to allow for the application of Brainspace Analytics and Investigation workflows at any time in the process excluding TAR workflows. Data must be promoted to full Relativity with Natives to leverage Brainspace TAR and CAL.

To learn more about DATATHRESHER and Haystack’s unique approach to ECA, reach out to one of our expert consultants for a demo.