Relativity Cellebrite Integrator

Portable device collections are increasingly common in today’s eDiscovery, law enforcement, and forensic landscapes. This has created an urgent need among reviewers and forensic investigators for a more efficient and accurate method of reviewing data collected from such devices. Historically, reviewers have had to comb through exhausting PDF reports or sift out hundreds of thousands of spreadsheet records to find what they are looking for.

As a result of this clear market demand for a better path forward, HAYSTACKID LLC developed its proprietary Relativity Cellebrite Integrator, which has allowed for faster and easier import and review of mobile device collections than ever before.

The tool demystifies mobile device investigations by streamlining fact harvesting from unstructured data formats and enabling extracted data to be searched, reviewed, and produced within an industry standard review and document production workflow. The Integrator also includes visualizations that allow clients to review and produce communications between multiple actors in a contextual timeline around search hits and across multiple applications, all within Relativity.

Thanks to its progressive and powerful capabilities, Haystack’s Relativity Cellebrite Integrator has become the industry’s gold standard for mobile device review, and has been battle-tested by leading Am Law 25 law firms and Fortune 100 corporations.

Haystack’s Relativity Cellebrite Integrator includes the following functionalities and advantages:

  • Proprietary threading of Chats, MMS, and SMS messages,
  • Dedicated Cellebrite report tab views,
  • Relational displays and consolidated views,
  • Contextual search,
  • Streamlined production workflow,
  • User-friendly, frictionless user interface,
  • Excel record parsing,
  • Support for audio, video, notes, voicemail, and image data types,
  • Automatic parsing of other data types that might exist in a Cellebrite extraction.

For more information about our Relativity Cellebriate Integrator tool and how it could help your practice, reach out to our expert sales consultants.