Jefferey T. Stevens

Jefferey T. Stevens, EnCE, CBE
Chief Technology Officer

Jefferey T. Stevens is the Chief Technology Officer of HAYSTACKID LLC.

Mr. Stevens is a graduate from Northeastern University where he studied Computer Technology, and is a true technologist with complementary experience and background in legal matters. He is an Encase Certified Examiner, as well as a Certified Blacklight Examiner, prepared to handle Windows and Mac systems, and iOS devices.

After working for several law firms earlier in his career, Mr. Stevens served as the leader of a litigation support services organization, eventually making his way to Haystack in the early days of its operations. He has kept a finger on the pulse of emerging technologies, and possesses a keen understanding of the litigation lifecycle.

An accomplished entrepreneur, Mr. Stevens continues to work closely with forensics professionals, attorneys, corporate counsel, support staff, and co-counsel while always maintaining an eye on Haystack itself, pushing improvements across the board.

Mr. Stevens believes that the team at Haystack is the best in the industry, and feels more fulfilled by the reactions of first-time customers who see just how unique and exceptional the company is.

His favorite color is purple, and he enjoys action movies, as well as various genres of music ranging from country and jazz to rap and pop. In his spare time, Mr. Stevens enjoys spending the days at his vacation home in Vermont.