Kevin D. Glass

Kevin D. Glass
President & Chief Executive Officer

Kevin D. Glass is President and Chief Executive Officer of HAYSTACKID LLC.

With a Master of Fine Arts (MFA) degree in Printmaking from Ohio University and now one of the fastest-growing litigation support firms in the Inc. 5000, Mr. Glass has had a storied career inside and outside of the electronic discovery realm.

Before launching Haystack, Mr. Glass had roughly 15 years’ worth of experience in the litigation support industry, primarily with Browne & Company. In 2011, Mr. Glass and his brother, Jason Glass, founded Haystack, risking virtually everything to make their own creative visions of a new company come to life.

Since then, Haystack has been on the cutting-edge of the industry, propelled by the team-oriented, innovative approach Mr. Glass takes to leading Haystack through the challenges of modern litigation support. He takes an active role in identifying the types of technologies that need to be in place, as well as those that would result in loss or waste.

Under Mr. Glass, Haystack has been pivotal in several major rulings on trademark infringement and intellectual property cases. Mr. Glass believes the most rewarding aspect of his job involves the onboarding and development of staff members.

He is an active and avid philanthropist, with a particular focus on supporting the autism community. In his free time, Mr. Glass enjoys skiing with his family, painting and sculpting, and watching his favorite movie, The Godfather.