Our Services

HAYSTACKID LLC is an end-to-end litigation support and managed services firm with a global footprint and full range of powerful legal and corporate solutions. Our service and solution offerings have assisted countless firms – from tiny practices to some of the largest corporations and law firms in the world – navigate the complex and competitive landscapes they face today.

Haystack has some of the most renowned forensics experts, data analysts, attorney reviewers, litigation support consultants and technology developers in the space. We pride ourselves on being the last remaining white-glove, boutique litigation support service provider, offering the best possible quality of solutions at predictable rates.

Because the legal and litigation support industries continue to evolve rapidly, Haystack’s service offerings are always progressing, transforming, diversifying, and improving. We take an entirely client-driven approach to our service development, management, and delivery, working to ensure that our offerings most efficiently and effectively assist attorneys in their efforts to achieve excellence.