Departing Employee Investigation

In today’s digitally driven business landscape, departing employees represent greater risk than ever before.

Timing is everything. When a key employee unexpectedly leaves an organization, the risk of exposure is often entirely unknown. Firms need to quickly mobilize, launching an investigation to decipher whether trade secrets, client data or other valuable proprietary information has been compromised. That investigation must be forensically sound every step of the way, and extremely transparent to give decision-makers the insights they need to make informed, intelligent decisions.

Such forensic analysis should also provide detailed evidence, supporting facts and precise timelines of the events that unfolded ahead of the employee’s departure. By engaging HAYSTACKID LLC for a thorough dive into the last few weeks of an employee’s tenure, firms protect themselves from the full spectrum of risks associated with departing staff members.

The analysis is performed by certified forensic technicians at Haystack’s state of the art forensics lab, and is conducted for a flat fee that contains a range of special services, ranging from consulting to reporting.

Some of the benefits of leveraging Haystack’s Departing Employee Investigation service include:

  • Cost Predictability,
  • Decide whether to dig deeper into forensics after seeing what was discovered in the report,
  • Put an end to speculation,
  • Turn “reason to believe” into documented facts,
  • Forensically sound preservation method,
  • Easy transition into affidavits and expert testimony should case progress to those phases.

Countless law firms and corporate legal departments have saved themselves by leveraging this service offering. To learn more and discover how Haystack can help protect your company from malicious departing employees, please contact one of our expert sales consultants.